Black, white and beige & Colour colour colour!!!

Hello gorgeous guys and gals!!!

How has your weekends been!? Mine has been FABULOUS!!!

Sorry for my super duper long absence but as some of you know I have been in Bali!! with Audrey!!

But now its time to get back into the swing of things!! Such as blog posts!! 

So, Fabulous peeps, here is a double whammy! To make up for being so long away!! 

Number one:


Is just what it sounds like! things, that are black, white and beige that I love!!


In this flat lay there is:

Drawing, by me!

Notebook, Megan hess

Gloves, I don’t know 😉

Tape, k-mart

Mascara, 100% pure

Sticker, Stomp

Bag, Colette

Deers antlers, market

Now for number two!


We all know that IndiaKitty is the colour queen, but I am pretty close in the running!

Again same as last time, here are my favourite colourful things!!

FullSizeRender 2

In this flat lay, there is:

Stickers, pipsticks!!

hand cream, Cath Kidston 

Instax picture, fujifilm  

Tape, kmart 

Big head bows, stroberi

Necklace, Bows, and Temporary tattoo in shape of Totoro, I don’t know!! 

Thank you so so much for reading!! 

Love, Popcorn! xx


DIY pencils 

hello everyone , holidays are starting which means there’s more time for fun stuff and no homework for 2 weeks YAY!!

I am going to do a super simple and super fun easy DIY for you all . 

So let’s get started …

You will need :

1 – 2 pencils 

2-3 different types of washi tape 

1 pair of scissors

2-3 posts pens or pens

Firstly you will get your washi tape and put it in a pattern in front of you . 

Secondly starting with your first colour wrap it around your pencil until you can’t see through it .  

Then getting your next colour in the pattern ,wrap it around the pencil until you can’t see through it and then cut of when finished  .

 Keep on doing this until you hit the end of your pencil . 

Time to make it unique , get the three posca pens and draw any pattern on the pencil you like . I did lines , spots and circles . 

You are done ! 

Hope you enjoyed making them and see you next time .Have fun holidays !

Oxox popcornandpaisley


Go go go get ’em!!!!


Hello peepities!

I am doing a collaboration with LESPECS the ever wonderful brand of sunglasses!!!

I got the Go Go Go sunglasses I absolutely love them!!!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos that Zali took for me!



I lllooooovvvveee the logo!!!!

I also love the colour of them!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! I had so much fun doing it!

Poppy wears,

jumper.  The lost girls

skirt. Op shop

bow. Suitcase rummage

sunglasses! LESPECS!!

lots of love and see you next time!!!!! Poppy!! Xx

Some Of My Favourite Things

Hello there! How was your day ?

I hope it was good because I am going to tell you about my favourite songs…bits & pieces, and of course articles of clothing !

Lets start with some songs….


Bridges (cover) by Meg Mac

Little Talks by Of Monsters Of Men

Black Magic by Little Mix



Doesn’t everyone just love homemade freshly baked cupcakes. Even better made with friends .

Didn’t work out fully as planned but still tasted good . Thats all that matters, right ?


The blue sky always means it’s going to be good day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.14.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.15.23 PM

Who could forget about the stationary ….

Kikki k. is wonderful !

That’s all I can say.

Bits Of Clothing 

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.09.45 PM

Stripes are just the thing …

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.12.27 PM

This beautiful, unique, wonderful t-shirt is adorable!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.10.35 PM

I love the colour gold, especially on a jumper.

These three wonderful things are from the one and only, Country Road .

I hope you liked this post and will make sure to see you very soon ….

Oxox popcornandpaisley

Paisley design 

Hello everyone ,

I hope your well ,

Lately I’ve have been doing these design things that have heaps of patterns on them and take a bit of time but always are worth the wait .

So I’ve decided to show you some of my creations that I have been doing lately .

So here it is ….


When I draw my little creations I like using blues or solid colours including black , grey or white .


I hope your week was good and hope to see you next time !

Oxox popcornandpaisley


Frenchie fashion!!

Hello people’s

I recently did the first collaboration on popcorn and paisley, it was with THE LOST GIRLS which I Love!!!! I especially love this jumper they sent me and as its heading into winter I will be wearing a lot of jumpers!! Anyway enough chit chat here are the !!!!





Popcorn wears

Jumper, “hey frenchie” by the lost girls
Skirt, American apparel (bought in America)
Socks, urban outfitters
Shoes, doc martens!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Xoxo popcorn and paisley!

DIY! Photo effects!!

Hiya peeps!!!

Today I am going to show you how to make your own effects!!!
Here is what you need:
1: a jar (to put over the lens/camera)
2: old camera (as a model or to use to put your lens over that lens)
3: magnifying glass (to put up to your lens and magnify your object/model)
4: crystal bracelet or rainbow catcher (to make multiple images)
5: some little trinkets or jewels! (Just as decoration)
6: and whatever else you want!!


Now of course you can use whatever you want but here is what I use!!
For your photo to look like this!!


You want to get your old camera and your crystal bracelet! Put one of the crystals over the lens and careful how you position it pick up the camera place it further away from the lens but still visible and take the photo!!

If you want your photo to look like this!!


Place the old camera lens up to your lens put what you want behind it and just take the photo!!

If you want your photo to look like this!!


Place the magnifying glass up against your eye or whatever else you want to magnify! And take the photo!!

And of course you can do way more effects these are only my favourite!!
Also if you post a picture of your photo effects tag me! @princess.lunachic as I would love to see them!! Thanks for reading!!
Popcorn and paisley. Xoxo!!


Hello everyone ,

I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!!

It is summer in Australia and the days are full of the beach , relaxing in the pool or eating ice-blocks and also going to the mall ( if it is air conditioned ) .

Diving in and out of the pool all day long because it is so boiling


Swimming in the beach is one of the funnest things to do .

In Australia summer also means CHRISTMAS!!!


I love buying and making things for people and also love receiving gifts .

Here are a couple things I got …..


WASHI tape !!!!! I love to decorate my drawing and I love to use washi tape as the final touch to decorating a present !


I got this pinafore and were it every where !!!!

What did you get for Christmas ?

I hope you all had a special CHRISTMAS and love all your presents .

Oxoxo popcornandpaisley

Our summer mixtape!!

Hello wonderpeeps!

So lately we have been listening to a lot of music!!
This is popcorns playlist!
Blank space: Taylor swift
Heart attack: Demi Lovato
Close your eyes: Meagen trainor
Falling: Haim
Stronger: Kelly Clarkson

Yay!! Here is paisleys!

Lips are movin : Meghan trainor
People help the people : Birdy
Yellow flicker beat : Lorde
Bang bang : Jessie j
Team : Lorde

Yay!! What are your favourite songs!?
Xoxo popcorn and paisley


Hello ,

I hope your ready and or excited for Christmas because I am soooo excited as well ! !

Okay now to the fun stuff me and poppy have made a Christmas Wish list recently and I am super excited about this because I am going to MELBOURNE YAY !!

So here they are ….


This washi tape is the cutest I LOVE IT it is from MT maskingtape .


MERMAIDS TAIL . This is one of my top things for Christmas !





I’m always going to love them and this one I especially love wahu .



I really really like this skirt from La Di Da it is really cute !


Okay I am in love with skirts and especially the ones from LaDiDa yellow💛and sparkly 💎!


I hope your week has been good !


Xoxoxo popcornandpaisley